Aztec Software – Proprietary eLearning Language

The challenge for Aztec was converting 4000 manually built Authorware 4 educational screens that took years to create. The product requires a license to use, however you can see some of the demos here.

Solution was developing a proprietary eLearning markup language that dynamically configured custom Flash components for presentation and quizzes. This included a media definition schema and a procedural language schema. The media schema allowed defining the properties of various media items that could appear on a learning screen. This included questions and answers. The procedural schema allowed for sequencing the media events on the learning screens and included conditional branches, loops and communication of results to the framework.

The eLearning markup language also allowed integration of custom built Flash movies for interactions not definable in the language.

The result was a new job category called eLearning Screen Integrator that reduced the professional staff cost.

The overall result of the project was saving Aztec mission critical product from obsolescence and providing them the ability to create new content and course rapidly and effectively.

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