is a Flex 4 application using the Parsley Framework. On the server side it uses Zend Amf technology. The

This website started with Perl, an Access Database and a Java Applet in the early 1990’s. Later it was converted to an all PHP application with a MySQL database. It eventually became this Flash 6 – Actionscript 2 – PHP – mySQL app.

September 2010 it took three weeks to upgrade to the Flex 4 version using the Parsley framework. The database was simplified and the MySQL full text search was integrated along with creating a separate database API. This allowed for other technologies to work with the DB. Zend AMF was used to run the Flex application and JSON was then possible for testing the database API.

The content has some very interesting historical entries covering the dawn of the PC revolution. There is a term guessing game and all content in cross linked.

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