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PhoneGap Cordova Accelerometer HTML5 Canvas Animation XCode Example

This is a template example using the accelerometer with Cordova or Phonegap and animating a sprite on the HTML5 canvas. I was working on a game using the html canvas and the accelerometer. I developed a way to combine both in IOS using Objective C and the UIWebView in the UIKit. That approach limits distribution to the IOS platform but allows you to have all of the native UI items like screen navigation and just use the canvas for animations.

HTML5 Canvas Circular Rotation Animation Example Using JQuery Hotkeys For User Interaction

This takes my first example animating a filled circle rotating around the center point to a user interaction level using JQuery Hotkeys. JQuery Hotkeys is a plug-in that lets you easily add and remove handlers for keyboard events anywhere in your code supporting almost any key combination using JQuery. This version of the animation allows…

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