Three Steps to Instantly Remove The Background From Your Images

Example using Woman's Face Background Removed. Source:

By Lon Hosford
I really hate using powerful graphic programs to do simple tasks in artwork workflow. One specific workflow task is removing backgrounds from images.

Example using Woman's Face. Example using Woman's Face
Example using Woman’s Face.
Often these are hurried photos taken wrenching the smartphone from its case or purse and snapping a shot. It is also the typical case purchased artwork or even free artwork.

You need to bring up that nasty Photoshop or Fireworks, bogging down your computer resources, requiring an original bloated file, dealing with layers, tolerances, masks, fettering, anti-aliasing and many trial and error steps to just remove artwork backgrounds. In most cases the original is the artwork without the background. And that is what I want to move along to the next task in artwork development.

I crossed a SAS (Software as a Service) website Clipping Magic. It is free first to note. Second there is no signup needed. It has one targeted goal. That is to “Instantly Remove The Background From Your Images”.

Just Three Minus One Steps

There are three steps, well actually two steps.

1. “Drag your image onto the drop-zone above, or choose a file using the button.” Yes literally when their website loads you drag your image into the target drop zone. No signup or hassles.

Example Watering Pot Original.  Source:
Example Watering Pot Original.

2. “Mark some foreground green and some background red and the algorithm takes care of the details.” The spacebar worked in Safari for me to toggle red and green.

Example Watering Pot Selected. Source:
Example Watering Pot Original.

3. “The background is removed by adding an alpha channel, with a suitably feathered boundary.” In addition to the default transparent background you can choose a solid background from a pallet, a color chooser or enter a color hex value.

Example Watering Pot Complete.  Source:
Example Watering Pot Original.

Other features in the tool include zooming, adjusting the sensitivity of the tool. You download and it will suffix the file name with clipped_rev_1.png, upping the digit for each revision.